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Joe Satriani 12/19/2010

The Chicago Theater / Chicago, Il.


Most of the performances that we photograph are based on the blues, but we also love to share our photographs of our other favorite artists whose music ranges in various styles and genres.

Most of Joe Satriani’s music does not have lyrics.  The man and his guitar(s) come together as one unique instrument to project the message that the particular number is communicating.  Whether it be a soft whisper of a single note or the ear piercing detonation exploding out of the amps, the message of the music is crystal clear.  Each piece of music that you experience is unusual, but deeply rich and very beautiful.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending any of Joe’s shows, including this performance, is the fact that you always get your money’s worth.  He plays music from his early days, in addition to his most recent work.  There is something for everyone.  Another pleasing attribute about his productions is that the show flows smoothly and the music blends effortlessly from one song to the next.  There are times where he stops to give us a brief history lesson about a particular song, which adds to the meaning of the song.

Towards the end of the show, he even gave us some Chicago Blues and played the harmonica, and that was an added treat for us.


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