~Portraits in Blues~



The Subdudes / 12/12/2009

Park West / Chicago


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These musicians are anything but “subdued”. They really get the room into the mood with songs like Papa Dukie and the Mud People, You’ll Be Satisfied, Late At Night just to name a few. The Subdudes always give us a great show with their Cajun-rock-blues style. The sound they put out is unique, given that the percussion section was made up of a single bass drum and a tambourine and assorted snare drums. Another neat thing was that the bass guitar players traded off playing bass. While Jimmy Messa was playing the bass, Tim Cook would play percussion, or sing. Then when Tim would play bass, Jimmy would play a twelve-string acoustic guitar.

The people that attend their shows are hard core followers and are die hard fans that really show their loyalty by going from town to town, shouting out their requests of the many songs that they do. The Subdudes are just as loyal to their fans and this is evident when they see a familiar face they acknowledge it with a smile and a nod of the head.



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