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The Holmes Brothers

11/08/2009 / Muncie, In.


Sherman Holmes (bass/vocals), Wendell Holmes (guitar/piano/ vocals),
Popsy Dixon (drums/vocals) have got to be one of the most versatile bands
that we have ever seen. Their range is astounding, featuring music
of gospel, country, rock, and blues, just to name a few. They
certainly appeal to an expansive audience, because they not only play
just about everything, but they add their own special "flavor" to the
songs that they perform, as only they can do.

This show was really exceptional, with the band performing alone, and
then being joined by Joan Osborne. The history they have with Joan Osborne
goes way back to an earlier time in her own career. Joan Osborne told
us that she used to go and see them perform in New York many years ago,
and was in awe of them. And years later she was able to produce some of their music.

In addition to seeing The Holmes Brothers perform, we got a special
performance by Paul Thorn, who opened the show with his acoustic
guitar and humorous stories of his own life through his music.



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