~Portraits in Blues~



We saw the Chicago Kingsnakes at Ignorant Bliss, 1338 Main Street in Crete, Illinois on Friday, 10/23/2009. This four member band, James “Ang” Anderson (guitar and vocals), Ron Berry (bass and vocals), Gus Gotsis (drums), and Nelson Keaton (harmonica), played the blues for us in this pleasant, neighborhood bar. It was great music, a great atmosphere, and a overall great night out, just listening to the sounds that the Kingsnakes provided. You could sit and absorb the music while sipping on a drink, or you could get out on the dance floor and dig the music that way (while sipping on a drink). Either way, you can’t lose.

The Chicago Kingsnakes have several CD’s out. They have been playing together for 25 years, and are definitely seasoned to the soul of the blues. They have played in and around the Chicago and northwest Indiana area, so look them up on their website and give them a listen. You certainly will not be disappointed. Just make sure they play “Mr. Telecaster.”



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Ignorant Bliss

1338 Main Street

Crete, Illinois







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