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Siegel-Schwall 10/16/2010

Turner Hall / Milwaukee, Wi.


Here’s a group of performers that really have fun while they play together in perfect orchestration.  It is evident that they go way back in the day to the mid 60’s when it all began for them.  We don’t get to see them as a group very often, but when they do get together, it is a good time for sure.

Corky Siegel (vocals, harmonica, keyboard), Jim Schwall (vocals, guitar), Sam Lay (vocals, drums), Rollo Radford (vocals, bass), and Arthur “Sambo” Irby (vocals, drums) this was a wonderful reunion of remarkable artists who are as unique as their music.  They each have their own contributions…..vocals, harmonica, guitar, drums, bass….which make the band distinctive.  Corky lights up the show with his never ending energy, Rollo does his song about “…another mule is kickin’ in the stall…” and he changes it up a little at each performance, but we know what he is talking about.  Sam, the extraordinary Sam Lay - it is such a pleasure to see him on stage singin’ the blues the way it should be done, with emotion in his voice and accenting the essential points with arm and hand gestures.  Sambo, the most recent asset to the band, fits right in with his own vitality and upbeat flair.  Jim was workin’ the guitar, both electric and acoustic, in his subdued but essential style.

It is always fun to see the Siegel-Schwall Band perform, and until next time……


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