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Paul Thorn 10/16/2010

Turner Hall / Milwaukee Wi.

Paul and the band were excellent as usual, introducing some of the new material from his latest CD “Pimps and Preachers”.  Many of the people that attended this show were familiar with his music, but it is always a kick to watch the reactions of those in the audience experiencing his music for the first time.  They explode with laughter, applause, and genuine love for this charming, southern bred man, who incidentally, was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  He captivates the crowd as he tells of the inspiration behind some of the songs that he sings.  For example, before he played the title tack song entitled “Pimps and Preachers”, he talked about his father being a preacher and his uncle being a pimp and the how both of them were major influences in his life.  There is humor and seriousness mixed together in many of his songs.  

Paul’s fans, both veterans and newly acquired, gave him a standing ovation, which he earned, no doubt.  For his encore, he reached into and touched our hearts, when he sat down with his legs dangling off the front of the stage with only a microphone and sang the most beautiful song called “That’s Life”, which is about his mother Earline and phrases that she would say.  By the end of the song, we felt as if we knew and loved her too.

He sealed the whole deal with us, when he walked out and hugged people in the crowd and shook people’s hands making us all feel like we have been baptized into the Paul Thorn fan base…..can I get an Amen brothers and sisters?


Paul Thorn: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar

Jeffrey Perkins: drums

Doug Kahan: bass

Bill Hinds: electric - acoustic - slide guitar


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Turner Ballroom


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