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Lucinda Williams

Park West / Chicago 10/13 - 15 / 2009

This was not a concert – it was a “Happening”! Lucinda Williams and Buick 6 came to Chicago for a 3-day performance, honoring the 30th anniversary of her music career. The event featured music from her early albums and concluded with the most recent recordings.

For those of use who have been followers for several years to those of us who are relatively newcomers to the Lucinda Williams fan base, the entire 3 days was well worth the wait in line in the unusually cold October in Chicago.

Lucinda and Buick 6 gave their best to each performance. These 3 days packed 30 years of rock, ballads, some AC/DC, and Tom Petty to name a few. We only wished that it could have been a couple of more days; that would have been just fine.

We were treated to some special guests such as Robbie Fulks and Rosie Flores on the first night. The second night was memorable because it seemed like more albums were covered in that particular time frame of music. The third night was very special because we felt that we had actually cultivated a relationship on a more personal level with Lucinda and Buick 6, in that she told us that she recognized a lot of us because we were there for the whole 3 days. This was a sweet acknowledgement of us, and it gave us a nice feeling.

The whole experience was very special and we walked away with a deeper sense of appreciation and understanding a very gifted artist.

Lucinda Williams


Buick 6

Chet Lyster (guitar/keys)
David Sutton (bass)
Butch Norton (drums/percussion)
Eric Schermerhorn (guitar)




10 / 13 / 2009 performance shots are listed below.


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10/14/2009 Lucinda Williams performance



 10/15/2009 Lucinda Williams performance



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