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Imelda May 10/07/2011
Park West  / Chicago

Imelda May and her Band put on a fantastic show to a packed enthusiastic Park West crowd.  The energy they generated from the stage is amazing, this group pours on the rockabilly rhythm and has the crowd on their feet. This was a show, an experience you only get to enjoy on a very rare occasion. I don't know who was enjoying the evening more, was it the band reacting to the crowd or just the opposite? The fire was fueled from the music which filled the room and the crowd sent that energy right back up to the stage. To hear a flawless recording of some of your favorite artists is very satisfying, Imelda and her Band can pull the same reaction off in a live setting. This was one of those flawless nights that just clicked for everyone.


Imelda May - Vocals, Bodhran
Dave Priseman - Trumpet / Flugle Horn / Percussion
Darrel Higham - Guitar
Al Gare - Double Bass / Bass Guitar
Steve Rushton - Drums



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