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09/26/2010 Guy King

Buddy Guys  / Chicago


This was a truly wonderful blues night brought to us by Guy King himself.  He is an exceptionally gifted artist because he does the music the way the original artists did it themselves.  Guy King sounded like Albert King when he performed Born Under A Bad Sign, and he did an extraordinary rendition of Georgia with his own style blending with Ray Charles.  Guy gave tribute to the great bluesman by remembering that Thursday, September 23 was Ray Charles’ birthday.  Nobody ever brought the soul of that song to us as Guy King did that night. 


With his band members, Ben Paterson - Piano and Organ, Patrick William – Bass, Isaiah Spencer – Drums, and Guy King on Vocals and Guitar, they played music from their CD “Livin’ It”.  The music is original and emotional, and Guy is all over that guitar – he played every note that could possibly be played.  It is hard to separate the man from the guitar - the way he communicates with the guitar when he sings about “Lonesome Blues” , “My Pretty Baby”, and “Worried Life Blues” – he is intense, and shoots straight from the heart.


Buddy Guy also graced us with his presence when he got up on stage and told us about a dog and a tail – you know the rest.  Buddy also is a fan of Guy King – he said he loves this band.  Everyone does! 


Guy King is certainly impressive with his unmistakable blues, unique and with a wide range of sounds and emotions from sweet to soulful, heartbreaking as the blues can be, and uplifting too.  He draws people to the dance floor and we all felt the overpowering urge to dance and sing along.


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