~Portraits in Blues~



Ashley Cleveland  9/26/2009

New Hope Church / Alsip, Il

Each song we heard had a story and a special meaning. Ashley spoke of people who influenced and inspired her, like Blind Willie Johnson and how he lost his sight, but he still wrote and performed his music. She spoke of Martin Luther King Jr.ís favorite song that he had to hear everywhere he traveled. She shared loving anecdotes of her family, like the monotone singing voice of her father, and the concession stand blues at her daughterís volleyball event. We became drawn in, because she was so candid and we could all relate to this part of her normal everyday life. She educated us as well as entertained us.

Although the crowd was relatively small, the response that Ashley got from us was huge. Every single one of us in that room was there because Ashley Cleveland gives so much of herself through her music. It was truly a beautiful, emotional experience.


Our Thanks to New Hope Church for the opportunity to share in this experience.


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