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Rick Simcox & The ToneQuesters 8/21/2010
Sushi House, Oak Park, Illinois
The Dragon Lounge

Impressive, refreshing, new sounds to classic blues. Rick’s talents were obvious as he opened the set with his steel body National resonator slide guitar and performed some good old blues. He soothed our souls on the Stratocaster with the sounds of Howlin‘ Wolf, Junior Wells, Magic Sam, Muddy Waters, and other time honored veterans of the blues. On this night along with Rick Simcox (vocals, guitar) the bands collective talents included Josh Harp (guitar, vocals), Ryan Suzuka (harmonica), Willie J. Rauch (bass), Rob Waters (keyboards), and Mike Rodabard (drums).

They gave us a premium performance of music from their CD “Treat You Baby”, plus an array of familiar blues tunes. The music of Rick Simcox & The ToneQuesters have range and versatility which makes their show an especially fine music experience. You can connect with the musical dialogue by getting up and dancing, or by just simply sitting and grooving to the jams. Either way, this was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night out, for sure.

This is the music expressed in the tradition of the “old blues guys”, who you can picture just kickin’ back, groovin’ and loving every note that flowed around the room, courtesy of Rick Simcox & The ToneQuesters. The audience was certainly impressed, which was evident with their attention and applause to the selections performed. It’s a sweet compliment to the band when the audience, (some of who have never heard the blues played live before) shows enthusiasm and real enjoyment of the music and performers that they came to see.

Rick Simcox & The ToneQuesters do the blues, the way the blues was meant to be played in the memory of all those players at places like Maxwell Street, Beale Street, and 2120 South Michigan Avenue.


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