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Ted Nugent - 07/20/2010

Star Plaza / Merrillville, In.


Although this site is focused mainly on blues artists, we do like to also recognize some of our favorite musicians.  In this case, Uncle Ted.

Ted Nugent was at his best.  Once again we were treated to “Essential Uncle Ted”, and the most popular licks of all time, like Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever, and all the legendary greats.  He played everything from way back when to his current theme “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead“.  We all got what we came for. 

The stage was decorated in exemplary Ted Nugent style with the backdrop depicting himself riding on a tank sporting machine guns in each hand. There were animal skulls and military hardware across the stage, and the American flag stood on his right side.  When he opened with the Star Spangled Banner, it was truly an emotional experience.  He is one of the few performers we have seen that remembers the military and everything that they have done in the name of peace, honor and freedom not only for us, but for those all over the world.

Towards the end of the show, he strutted out with the most stunning and colorful Native American war bonnet and sang “Great White Buffalo“.  How often do you get to see a skilled marksman sacrifice a great white buffalo by shooting a real flaming arrow across the stage in to the heart of a white guitar.  It was a painless death, for sure. 

We will always have a special place in our hearts for this American icon, a genuinely great musician who writes and performs some of the best music of all time.  When he reminds us of his youth, as a small black child growing up in Detroit, he always pays tribute to those who came before him.  He really loves this great country, and reminds us that we are responsible and accountable for what is to become of it.  So, let’s nominate Uncle Ted for president and get things going back in the right direction!

Uncle Ted’s concerts are always special and he keeps us fired up on the important matters, no matter how subtle he tries to be.  His thoughts on politics and the world are dead on when he talks about the current administration and the incompetence of those who are in charge.  We love you, Uncle Ted!  Oh, and by the way, as he reminds us…never forget where you came from.


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