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Sonny Landreth 06/25/2010

Space / Evanston


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Eric Clapton once said that Sonny Landreth is "probably the most underestimated musician on the planet and also probably one of the most advanced."[1]


One thing for sure, Sonny Landreth is one of the greatest slide guitar players we have ever experienced.  He plays that guitar with every part of both hands.  We were in absolute awe watching him create his sounds by playing chords and notes mixed together, which makes for some absolutely amazing music.  How does he do that?  The sounds that emanate from his guitar vary in between an electric guitar to a locomotive.   He is so focused on playing that when he does look up, his face also becomes blended with the music he puts out.  Sonny does southern cajun blues in his own original , unique slide style.


The bass guitartist, also played that bass with a unique style.  It sounds like bass, but he looks like he’s jamming’ on a guitar.  The whole band sounded great, giving us the southern rock, zydeco, cajun music that keep us coming back for more. 


The venue, Space, is a very good place to experience live music.  The set up of the room, the sound system, and the intimacy (maximum capacity is about 250 people) makes us feel a distinctive closeness to the performers.  


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