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Jimmie Vaughan - 06/24/2010

Buddy Guys / Chicago


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Jimmie Vaughan and the Tilt A Whirl Band were terrific, as we expected them to be. Basically, it was the same set list as when they performed in Aurora the week before. Lou Ann Barton, was also in top form with one of our favorites, Sugar Coated Love (which they did not do in Aurora). They played a lot of familiar songs, as well as several off of their newest CD.

The venue was the new Buddy Guy’s Legends, which has a great set up for the patrons - there isn’t a bad seat in the house. The sound system is exceptional, and we even got to hear Buddy Guy play (and sing “Nineteen Years Old” ).

There were several celebrities in the audience, also, who were here to play at Crossroads 2010. We spotted Jonny Lang, Los Lobos, Quinn Sullivan (who graced us with a quick song), and Jeff Beck, who was celebrating his birthday.







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