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 Delta Highway 06/21/2009
Buddy Guy's Legends / Chicago

It is hard to believe that these four great bluesmen have only been playing together since 2003. They have accomplished a world of music that comes directly from the heart and soul of the blues itself. Their sound is so rich with the roots of the greats that preceded them; Muddy Waters, Little Walter, SRV, just to name a few.

Delta Highway Blues brought Beale Street to Chicago when they performed at Buddy Guy’s on June 21, 2009. We felt especially charged up because Brandon Santini (harmonica/vocals), Justin Sulek (guitar), Paul Chase (bass), and Kevin Eddy (drums) gave us their unique sound of real blues and how it is meant to be felt. The really cool thing that made this show so special was the fact that Delta Highway played right in the area of Chicago that Little Walter, Muddy Waters, and Howlin’ Wolf gave us their amazing music. It’s like Déjà vu!

Brandon’s charisma and soulful voice hooked us, and Justin, Paul, and Kevin extraordinary talents reeled us in. You really feel the affection that they have for their fans, too, because they make a lot of eye contact with us, and Brandon actually stepped off the stage and played the harmonica for us individually, which was a real sweet treat.

The music of Delta Highway is really dynamic in that each instrument penetrates your soul, and all you can do is dance and sway the way God intended.


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