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The Hix Brothers Junior All Stars

Blues on The Fox - 06/19/2010


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This little festival really packs a lot of big fun and great music that rivals the biggest of all the festivals. Little, meaning physical area and how close the fans are to the stage. There is nothing little about the festival itself, as there was a large crowd of people, many familiar faces to the performers for sure, and many newer, up and coming fans.

It was heart warming and inspiring to see the Hix Brothers Junior All Stars, made up of young people who really wailed on the blues and rock & roll that us veterans grew up on. They gave us all hope that the music of those who wrote it all, will live on for yet another generation to appreciate. Thank you All Stars.

We only got to experience Saturday’s performances, but we got what we came for. After the Hix Brothers Junior All Stars performed, Guy King and his Little Big Band was up and they were absolutely the most enjoyable group of musicians we have ever heard. They were original and exciting with Guy King on telecaster and wailing vocals kept us fully engaged through his interactions with the audience, keeping us part of his show. The horns were on it, with great sounds coming from the saxophones and trumpet. The keyboards, drums and bass guitar tied it all together for a memorable music experience that we are looking forward to seeing again. It’s always a pleasure to find a band such as Guy King and his Little Big Band because they add a deeper meaning to the music that we love so much, and they are one of the reasons we developed Portraits in Blues.

Ronnie Baker Brooks did a great job, and after he did “I Just Want To Make Love To You”, he acknowledged the great Muddy Waters and remembered him when he sang it in his style. He also sang it in the style of John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf, which the fans absolutely loved.

Ronnie Baker Brooks is a terrific musician in his own right, but there was only one person who could ever do “Crossfire”, although Ronnie gave it a good shot. He is definitely someone that can play the blues with a deep soulful emotion.

To be in the surroundings when Pinetop Perkins, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Hubert Sumlin, Bob Margolin and Bob Stroger are playing together is such a special event, and we felt such emotion. These artists have been there since the beginning practically, and they are owed a huge debt of gratitude because of their contributions to the blues. So many performers today would have less, had these inspirational bluesmen not been doing what they do so well. Time has seasoned them well, and every time we get to experience them, we are truly, truly grateful.

Jimmie Vaughan and the Tilt A Whirl Band closed the event, and what awesome entertainers they all are. Jimmie plays and sings with every bit of himself in every song. Billy Pitman always gives 1000 per cent, and the whole band gets the crowd jumpin’. The horns really add to the unique sound of the band, and when Lou Ann Barton came out to sing, she really rocked us all.

Watching Jimmie reminds us of the carefree days of a few years back, when nothing could ever keep us down, and if it did, it wasn’t for long. It felt like the 60’s again, and we didn’t want him to stop playing.

Then Jimmie played by himself, and reached deep into our hearts with “Six Strings Down.” There is nothing more to say about that, except Thank You Jimmie, for never forgetting Stevie. We are there, too, singing that song.



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