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Corky Siegelís Chamber Blues 6/13/2009 Jazz Showcase

 All I can say about Corky Siegelís Chamber Blues is that their shows are always so much fun and so untraditional!  We were fortunate enough to have a surprise visit and performance from Sam Lay, who fits right in with his more traditional blues and rock & roll flare.  He is certainly one of the great bluesmen, and his flashy clothes and glasses really add to to his charisma!  These performers have such a good time and that makes the whole experience so enjoyable.  Also, the sounds that come from the instruments are so extraordinary that it is hard to believe one person and one instrument is doing all that work.  This music is beyond amazing.  Chamber Blues cannot be categorized Ė it is one of a kind and if you get a chance to see these artists, definitely do it; treat yourself to a night of pure entertainment in the truest sense of the word.  No matter how you feel when you  walk through the doors,  you will leave feeling absolutely thrilled for sure!


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