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Chicago Blues Festival



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This was one of the best festivals in every way, from the unbeatable music, to the organization of the entire event (vendors, security, entering, leaving, etc.)  Chicago is  right on it when it comes to juggling the many attractions the city has to offer.  The Chicago Blues Festival, the parade for the great Chicago Blackhawks on their Stanley Cup Victory and of course the cross-town ball games of the White Sox and the Cubs.  All at the same time!

It was really impressive to see so many people at the festival that were visiting from all over the world, and it made us feel very proud to be Chicagoans.  The music was so rich and exciting that all of us true fans of music, could really appreciate each and every artist that gave his/her all for us.  The only hard part is that because there are several stages going at the same time, it is hard to experience every act.  We got most of it in.  The only day that is not represented here is Saturday, June 12 because of inclement weather.

We enjoyed being around the different interpretations of the blues, because Chicago is a major root of the music of today - the expansion and growth of the blues is a direct result of the people who came to Chicago from all over the country, who came together and nurtured the blues to how we hear it now.  These artists captured the emotions of those who came before them, and we felt that the history behind the music is a huge part of it all.  While they performed the very music they played for us, which was born right here in this great city of Chicago  we FELT the presence of Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Billie Holiday, Howlin‘ Wolf, Albert King, and ALL the others. 

We all enjoyed the music of the well known veterans, and we are always thrilled to come across performers that we are seeing for the first time.  It’s like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack box when we get to hear people like Donna Herula, Café R & B from L.A., Guitar Shorty, Carl Weathersby and Larry McCray, Dancin’ Perkins, and Tail Dragger.

It is a highlight of our musical outing to see and hear the familiar Chicago Blues Reunion featuring Barry Goldberg, Corky Siegel, Nick Gravenites, Harvey Mandel.  An added treat was when Charlie Musselwhite, Sam Lay and James Cotton came out to play.  On Friday, we loved the featured performances of Zora Young, James Cotton, Hubert Sumlin, and Matt “Guitar” Murphy.

The Chicago Blues Festival is definitely at the top of the list of the events to experience.  This music is the best you’ll ever hear, all at the same place from everywhere, and it costs nothing to fill your heart and soul with the music of the finest musicians in the world - all right here in Chicago.


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