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Lt. Dan Band 4/17/2009
Joe’s Bar / Chicago

The show started out with a monologue by Gary Sinese accompanied by a slide show of our veterans from various wars. It touched our hearts, and gave us a sense of pride and great respect for those who gave us the ultimate gift – their lives for our freedom, and for those who have not known what freedom was had it not been for our American soldiers.
Kimo Williams, who manages The United States Veterans Arts Program, honored two veterans who served our country. One received a digital camera with all the trimmings and the other soldier received an electric guitar.
The music the band played got us all dancing and jumping, and the performers really appealed to the crowd with their always smiling, upbeat, and good-natured personalities. It was really nice to see Gary Sinese having such a good time playing bass with his band; he truly enjoys what he does. We’re used to seeing him as a serious actor, and this was another side of him that we really enjoyed.


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Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band

Kimo Williams and KIMOTION - Symphonic Big Band Rock



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