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Patti Smith / 2/20/2010

Park West / Chicago

It is obvious that the fans truly love her as she loves her fans.  Patti is one with the entire band, and each artist gives everything they have to make the experience well worth it.  Patti is so down to earth and one of us (the fans) and yet artistically and spiritually centered.  One of the coolest things was when she came off the stage and stood right behind us to watch the band perform “People Who Died“ by Jim Carroll, who was a close friend of Lenny Kaye - to experience them the way we all do.  It makes you appreciate the fact that we are fans, because we get to watch them perform live and in color.  The artists don’t get many opportunities to see themselves as we do.

This performance by Patti Smith and her band was to raise funds and awareness for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and clearly, this is an issue that is close to the heart.  The people who work hard everyday managing the resources to help the homeless deserve a big hand also.

People distance themselves from the thought of being homeless - and with the economic times being what they are, you could find yourself without a roof over your head in the blink of an eye.  Homelessness may come upon us because of financial reasons, or some type disaster (natural or not).  Patti helped to make us realize that we have the power to change these situations.

Troubled Identity  opened for Patti Smith. These fine young musicians have our thanks for the example they set for everyone especially our youth. Their efforts to raise money for the homeless and the time devoted to their music is a direction we all should instill in each other.


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